Approved by the former Ministry of Machinery, USST has established four international cooperation colleges in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Syracuse University, Queens College of the City University of New York and Hamburg University of Applied Sciences since 1995. In 2000, after USST was placed under the local management of Shanghai, it was established with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to establish a number of joint programs.



At present, there are 2 joint programs, 2 joint institutions, 14 foreign cooperative partner Universities, and 2664 students (as of December 2018) on the campus.


The practices of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools help not only to introduce advanced international educational intelligence resource and education & management theories into China, but also to expand students' international visions and speed the globalization procedure of high education.


USST strives to make Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools a distinguished feature in the undergraduate education. That is also the strategic procedure for development and long-term goal for USST to promote its competition ability. The Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools of USST has the feature of high-standard of localization, early beginning, high starting point, steadfast practice, excellent effects and extended beneficiaries. They offer precious experience for the high engineering education reform and Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools.



The goal of the Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools of USST is to actively extend the cooperation with overseas well-known universities, introduce international advanced educational concept and intelligence resource, and cultivate qualified and versatile talents with innovative ideas and international visions in the fields of engineering, application and management. The perspective is to make 1/3 undergraduate specialties and 1/4 undergraduates involving in Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, and practice foreign student education progressively.