Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Agreement between USST and two German Partner Universities


On October 19, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between USST and Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) and Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg) was held by means of remote meeting. USST President DING Xiaodong signed the new agreement with Micha Teuscher, President of HAW Hamburg, and Wolfgang Baier, President of OTH Regensburg, respectively. USST Vice President CAI Yonglian, leaders and representatives from the College of Undergraduate Studies, International Exchange Office, Sino-German College, School of Mechanical Engineering and School of Optoelectronic Information and Computer Engineering o USST were present to witness the signing ceremony.

In the speech, President DING Xiaodong reviewed the history of cooperation between USST and HAW Hamburg, and was full of expectations for further cooperation in the future. The 3rd revised agreement signed this time guarantees the annual enrollment of mechanical majors. He expected both sides to consolidate the results of cooperation and strive for greater achievements in the scale and level of SGC development.

President DING Xiaodong pointed out that since the Sino-German College established in 2014, it has carried out good cooperation with HAW Hamburg, Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences (HFU) and Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts (CUASA, while OTH Regensburg, through CUASA, has supported USST teachers and students in terms of student internship, graduation thesis design and daily life during their stay in Germany. He welcomed OTH Regensburg as the new member, and looked forward to strengthening the trust and resources between the two sides to further improving the scale and level of the Sino-German College, and to contribute to the deepening of cooperation and exchange between the two countries in various fields, and to cultivate more and more outstanding talents. Bayer said it was an honor for OTH Regensburg to have an excellent partner with USST, and the signing of the new agreement was a milestone for expanding the academic and scientific cooperation between the two sides in the future.

Afterwards, Ding chaired the meeting of 2021 Joint Management Committee of the Sino-German College, where Prof. Michael Röther, program leader of HAW Hamburg, Prof. Markus Hoch, program leader of HFU, and Prof. Michael Wick, program leader of CUASA, and Prof. R. Schreiner, program leader of OTH Regensburg participated in the meeting via remote video from Germany.

Prof. YANG Chengsan, Executive Vice Dean of Sino-German College, made a report on the daily management of the college and the construction of related platforms, and informed about the enrollment, employment and internal staff adjustment, tuition fee adjustment declaration, the development of University Alliance of Sino-German Joint Program and the construction of related teaching platforms in 2021. After that, program leaders from China and Germany reported the progress of the program operation in the past year. The representatives gave constructive opinions on the issues of German language teaching, E-learning platform and online teaching, as well as the students' mutual visits and exchanges. President DING Xiaodong, Chairman of the Joint Management Committee, listened to the reports together with the members of the Management Committee.

Finally, the members of the Joint Management Committee signed and confirmed the minutes of the 2020 Management Committee meeting and confirmed the change of the Secretary of the Management Committee.

USST President DING Xiaodong addressed the meeting

USST Vice President CAI Yonglian hosted the meeting

New cooperation agreement between USST, HAW Hamburg and OTH Regensburg