One Flower One World - Japan's Flower Road Cultural Experience


 On September 28, 2020, a series of events (first time) of the Japan Flower Road Cultural Experience was successfully held at the Japanese Culture Center. Floral Designer Mr. Yamada Taiyu from Huayou (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. Chairman, has brought students a wonderful flower culture experience activities. The flower path, also known as the Tao, raw flowers, is one of the traditional Japanese art. Mr. Yamada has studied and worked in Japan's famous florist for many years, who has a mature professionalism and solid basic skills, and has a profound understanding of the flower.

In the course of teaching, Mr. Yamada first introduced the flower materials used in the autumn flower path to the students, and explained the basic knowledge of the flower path. After that, Mr. Yamada showed the students the initial treatment of flowers and spiral arrangement techniques, and shared the daily decorative vase tips.

In the process of flower arrangement, Yamada guided the students one-by-one, and patiently answered the students’ questions. Gorgeous sunshine and blooming flowers, one flower one world - the Japanese flower cultural experience activities, accompanied by the flower fragrance, was successfully concluded. The students who participated in the activities gained their own learning results, and at the same time had a personal experience of Japan's flower culture.