Japan Kendo Cultural Experience and Kendo Classroom


Japan Kendo Cultural Experience and Kendo Classroom

On October 15th, the Japanese Kendo Cultural Experience and Kendo Classroom, hosted by the Japanese Culture Center of the International Cultural Park, opened successfully at the USST small auditorium. Director Kawaguda Kanglong from Shanghai Kendo Hobby Association was invited as a mentor. Shanghai Kendo Hobby Society was founded in 1996, the purpose of which is "literary and martial arts together", that is, "through the arts and martial arts, cultivate a sound personality." Besides Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the association is currently the oldest and largest one in China.

In the first class, Mr. Kawaguda explained the basic etiquette of Kendo to the students, including the way of sitting, the way of the ceremony, the position of the bamboo knife placement, the way to carry the knife, the way to hold sword props, and the way to walk into the doctlon.

Meditation is the basis of kendo traditions. Before Kendo's formal practice, Mr. Kawaguda took the students for a period of meditation, a process of about 3-5 minutes. In the process of meditation, students need to put down their equipment and avoid mind distractions, temporarily to forget the pressure of learning and life, and be ready to devote themselves to Kendo exercises.

At the end of the exercise, teachers and students were on the practice of communication. Mr. Kawaguci answered everyone's questions. Students in the course experienced the most authentic Japanese Kendo culture.