In the cool evening on November 22, 2020, the Oktoberfest was held in the beautiful and warm German Culture Centre (GCC).


A silly and big mascot nestled the small soldier sculpture outside the door and greeted the guests.

A funny and humorous talk as an introduction

The foreign teacher of Shanghai Hamburg College told the traditional story about the origin of Oktoberfest. In the process, you could hear the laughter from downstairs and could hardly wait to participate in the well-organized events of Oktoberfest.

Games in groups

A series of card games such as the fascinating German Qiang, the German Heart Disease, Uno etc together created a joyful atmosphere.

Dancing and singing

Soft singing from the singer along with beautiful guitar and rhythmic drum beats attracted the whole audience. The audience raised their cell phones with bright light as if they let the stars wave and cheered them for the sun.


Delicacies such as delicious hotdogs with ketchup or mustard, cakes painted with bright colors were handmade. The german beer - the undisputed protagonist have enriched the festival at all. What an excellent festival!