British Cultural Centre held an online Business Professionals Lecture


At 3 p.m. on April 22,2020, British Cultural Centre held an online lecture on the topic of “How to write a personal statement”. Mr. Asen Velinov was the speaker of the talk. This lecture was held to improve students’ writing skill in personal statements for preparing to find a good job or study abroad.

At the beginning, students and the speaker all introduced themselves. Asen then asked the students to read a short essay about George Washington. As an example, he explained to the students about the elements of a good personal statement, including an eye-catching beginning, a central sentence, a three-paragraph main part (each paragraph needs a topic sentence) and a summary to reiterate the point. Then he told the students that typically, Chinese students often make mistakes such as moving hard advanced vocabulary and writing empty and meaningless nonsense. At the same time, he also illustrated five ways to solve these problems and various examples of mistakes to help students better understand the way personal statements are written. Then, he showed the students a good personal statement as an example and asked them to write a draft of the personal statement.

Finally, two students shared their own draft personal statement. Mr. Asen Velinov then pointed out their deficiencies and amendments sentence by sentence to help them improve. The lecture ended in a pleasant discussion, and everyone expressed that they were looking forward to the next talk. BCC will also continue to hold online Business Professionals Lectures in the near future.

The Screenshot of the talk on Zoom

Mr. Asen Velinov at BCC (previous talk)