Loving Care in the Epidemic Outbreak


When Spring Equinox of 2020 arrived, the coronavirus pandemic in China had already been under control, whereas precautionary measures are taken to prevent the resurgence of the disease and importation of cases from abroad. At this crucial juncture, Cai Yonglian, the vice president, paid a visit to No. 1 and No. 2 of International Students Apartment building where the international students and apartment management staff were based.

Vice president Cai Yonglian, joined by staff members from the International Exchange Office (International Students Office) and Hujiang College, arrived at apartment buildings to convey greetings from the USST administration to international students and apartment management staff there, delivering gratitude for their understanding and cooperation during the difficult times, as well as their contribution to ensure the safety and normal operation of USST during the epidemic outbreak. While talking to the student representatives, Cai Yonglian asked questions about how the students had spent their winter vacation, how the online classes were going and whether the students had encountered any difficulty in their everyday life on campus. The student representatives thanked for the care from the university administration and answered each of Cai Yonglian’s questions. During the conversation, Cai Yonglian also pointed out that the students should continue to take basic precautions, following instructions from counselors and apartment management staff, and concentrate on study when epidemic prevention and control was still at a critical stage. Cai Yonglian further required that International Student Office and Hujiang College collect suggestions and feedback from students, and work on relevant matters along with relevant departments in due time. Lastly, Cai Yonglian confirmed to the student representatives that by joint efforts, USST should win the fight against coronavirus and everything will remain normal on campus.

During the visit, Cai Yonglian distributed masks donated by He Weiming, a teacher from the School of Mechanical Engineering of USST, to all international student staying on campus, to apartment management team and to Hujiang College. Love and care are delivered through masks, and we are unified more than ever in this time of pandemic.