Japanese Culture Center




Aim of Japanese culture center

  • Use the resource which are available to provide a platform for better understanding and communication among teachers and students from Japan and China

  • Improve the international recognition of UTSS to promote better development for international education

  • Organize a series of folk exchange activities to enhance the trust and friendship between two countries 


The function position of Japanese culture center

  • Function as a place for studying , experiencing and introspecting Chinese and Japanese culture (note:more than 80% traditional Japanese culture originates from China. By giving lectures on “Introduction to Japanese culture” which include tea ceremony and ikebana experience lesson, arise awareness for young students are respect traditional Chinese culture. )

  • Function as a place for communicating and cooperating with Japanese enterprises and education organization

  • Organize Japanese culture theme events to enrich campus



Activities held already

Founded USST teachers fraternity living in Japan(do not understand)

Held an “overview of Japanese culture" lecture series

Provided tea house for people to experience Japanese culture

Provided opportunities for teachers and students to experience tea ceremony and ikebana

Organized the culture exchange meeting between Chinese and Japanese students

Invited Japanese enterprises representatives to give lectures on enterprise culture

Organized groups to visit Japan's earthquake-hit areas

Invited Japan’s former prime Yukio Hatoyama to visit USST

Held photo exhibition and report of the visit to Japan's quake-hit areas