Walk Close to Hujiang Cultural Park in Carnival


n 20th October, the first Carnival of Hujiang International Cultural Park was successfully held in USST.

arly at 10:30am, students have gathered on the site of the garden party. They got a visiting card first at the starting point and then decided their own route to different cultural centers where they could participate in various games and answer some questions.

he carnival was jointly held by German Cultural Centre, Japanese Cultural Centre, British Cultural Centre, American Cultural Centre and Nordic-Baltic Cultural Centre in the form of garden party. The purpose of the garden party is to make teachers and students, and freshmen in particular, systematically know about the history, principles, value and functional mechanism of Hujiang International Cultural Park, understand the specific situation as well as functions and features of various cultural centers, encourage teachers and students to learn international rules and strengthen their intercultural communication competence.

ver since the opening ceremony of Hujiang International Cultural Park in 2011, different cultural centers in the park have played an important role as an educational platform which has provided vivid activities of cultural exchanges to broaden the students global view and to help them build cultural confidence.