Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Talent Training Base Projects Approved


According to the “Notice on the Selected Cooperative Universities for Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Talent Training Base Projects in Fields of Intelligent Manufacturing in 2020 (Cultural Center Letter [2020] No. 9)” issued by the Chinese and Foreign Cultural Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education (MOE), our school was successfully selected among the first batch of cooperative universities in 2020 (A total of 39 universities and colleges at the undergraduate level have been approved nationwide for this project).


The Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Talent Training Base Project in fields of intelligent manufacturing was launched by Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Center of MOE and Yalong Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., which is aimed at establishing the talents cultivation base for Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange through cooperation among the center, schools and enterprises, building platforms and highlands with the high-tech talents who boast refined humanity qualities and cross-cultural communication competencies, enhancing the abilities of teachers and students on innovative skills and cross-cultural communication, promoting in-depth cooperation and collaborative “going out” between schools and enterprises, and helping to construct a practice platform and brand project for Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange that plays a leading and exemplary role.


After the approval, our school will establish Yalong Intelligent International College, with the Intelligent Control Technology Center and Industrial Robotic Technology Center constructed first. Relying on school’s disciplinary strength, the two centers will gather outstanding faculties and resources, and work together to construct local university base for cultural exchange that serves “the Belt and Road” initiative, and to boost USST’s international influence.


At present, our school has been seizing opportunities, carrying out reforms and making innovations, and actively promoting the construction of a high-level university. The successful establishment of Yalong Intelligent International College through the construction of Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Talent Training Base Project in Fields of Intelligent Manufacturing is of great significance in promoting our universities’ foreign exchange and cooperation, serving the new needs of international collaboration under “the Belt and Road” initiative, upgrading the structure of international students, boosting international influence, and facilitating Sino-foreign cultural exchanges as well as cultivation of talents.