African takes China by traditional Chinese musical performance


Recently, a Cameroonian student has shot to stardom in China with a microphone and a lute! In that video a female African girl vowed Chinese audience with her renditions of traditional Chinese narrative musical art Suzhou Pingtan.

With pure Suzhou dialect and skillful three-string performance technique, the girl is amazingly a beginner of Suzhou Pingtan. Her name is Gabriella Waffo, 21 years old. She came to China from Cameroon in 2015. She is currently a sophomore in Communication Engineering at the School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering with Chinese government scholarship. Not long ago, National Fund Committee sent out a Chinese Government Scholarship visiting delegation to USST for research. Gabriella Waffo participated in the forum as a representative of outstanding students.

Gabriella Waffo loves Chinese traditional culture and makes lots of Chinese friends. This is also very helpful for improving her Chinese. In addition to her studies, she used the winter vacation to study the programming language C and other courses by herself in order to constantly enrich herself. Gabriella Waffo also actively participates in various social activities. For example, she went to Beijing to participate in the “Belt and Road” cultural event. In 2018 New Year Concert, her Chinese song “Friends” won unanimous praise. In another performance, she sang the " Solar Terms Song" in Suzhou Pingtan, showing the international atmosphere in USST.