USST Tokyo Office established at the Chuo University in Japan


On August 3, 2019, the inauguration ceremony of the Tokyo Office of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology was held at the Chuo University of Japan. This is the first educational and cultural institution established overseas by USST, and will be dedicated to strengthening the cultivation of talents and scientific research cooperation between USST and Chuo University, leading the higher education of the two universities to a new height of development.

Wu Jianyong, secretary of the school party committee of USST, and Fukuhiko Fukuhara, president of the Chuo University, discussed the establishment of a more extensive and in-depth cooperation and exchanges between the two sides, and signed the agreement on the establishment of the Tokyo Office of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology on behalf of both parties.

In his speech, Wu Jianyong said that in the course of more than 100 years of running, USST has always adhered to the tradition of experiencing the Chinese and western cultures at the same time, having more than 160 partner universities in the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and other countries and regions. The establishment of cooperative relations between universities has enabled the educational internationalization platform to expand continuously, and the content of education internationalization has gradually deepened. He said that the establishment of the Tokyo office is an important step in the process of internationalization of USST. It will serve as a window in Japan, promote the popularity of USST through publicity and promotion, and establish a credit exchange course with the Chuo University to form a research study team, and make preparations for the Sino-Japan International Academic Conference and other specific initiatives to deepen the cooperation between the two sides. He also said that the year of 2019 coincides with the "Sino-Japan Youth Exchange Promotion Year" and expects that Chinese and Japanese youths can strengthen their friendship and faith and continue to spread the seeds of friendship.

Afterwards, President of the Chuo University Fukuhara, said that since the establishment of the relationship between the Central University and the University of Shanghai, the exchanges have been active and have formed a profound friendship. The Tokyo Office of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, as the first foreign university office established by the Chuo University, is of great significance for strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities. It is hoped that the two universities will carry out more diversified and in-depth cooperation on this basis.

As early as 1985, USST began to exchange and cooperate with Japanese universities. In 2011, we established the Japan Cultural Exchange Center, a specialized agency for exchanges with Japan, to comprehensively promote teacher-student exchanges, scientific research and cultural interaction cooperation between USST and Japanese universities. The establishment of the Tokyo office at the Chuo University this time is also a solid foundation for student exchanges, teacher exchanges, and joint research after the establishment of mutual relationship in 2011. This will further expand the two universities in talent cultivation and scientific research. The close cooperation in various fields has effectively promoted the in-depth development of exchanges and cooperation between the two universities.