Teachers and students from Coventry University for short-term exchanges


From April 11th to April 21st, 2018, 14 teachers and students from Coventry University in the UK came to USST for a two-week cultural and academic exchange. The project is an annual intercollegiate cooperation project through USST. Cultural and academic exchanges with Coventry University in the UK, broaden the international horizons of the two universities, further enhance professional practice, and lay a solid foundation for in-depth cooperation between the two universities.

During these two weeks, the British Cultural Exchange Center carefully prepared the welcome party, the Peking Opera cultural experience, the drama club, the Chinese-English exchanges and various lectures, so that the British friends from afar can fully appreciate the charm of oriental culture. . The Peking Opera Cultural Experience Event hosted by Center Director Rose Oliver is the highlight of this cultural exchange event. Professional Peking Opera performers and make-up artists came to the UK to bring an authentic Peking Opera culture lesson to Coventry teachers and students. And the live show of the magical charm of Peking Opera performance, two British students also experienced the appearance of a Beijing opera character, a variety of gorgeous headwear, elegant and exquisite clothing, long and fluent vocals, just one afternoon, all teachers and students Deeply in love with our national quintessence and its cultural heritage.

While experiencing the culture, USST also carried out a full range of academic exchanges with Coventry teachers and students. Coventry and students interacted with the teachers and students of the School of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Materials and the China-UK College. Visit the laboratory, and work with our teachers and students to complete innovative experiments, exchange and share learning experiences, and fully understand the construction of engineering disciplines in USST.

In addition, in the spare time, the volunteers from the British Centre also accompanied Coventry teachers and students to visit Shanghai tourist attractions such as Shanghai Center, Tianzifang, Qibao Ancient Town and Yuyuan Garden. During the tour, Chinese and British students interacted and thoughts collided. Have a more vivid and detailed understanding of each other's culture. In this short but substantial time, the teachers and students of Coventry University in the United Kingdom have experienced the charm of Chinese culture, experienced the international atmosphere and good academic atmosphere of USST, and established with the teachers and students. An unforgettable international friendship. The sea memory confidant, the end of the world, everyone expects Coventry teachers and students to visit the campus again.

Peking Opera Cultural Experience

Group Photo