“Smart Talk” with Dr. Richard Barrett at USST




  Recently, the British Cultural Centre of the USST, in cooperation with the Culture and Education Section of the British Consulate, especially invited car design professor Dr. Richard Barrett to bring the exciting “Smart Talk” to students. Dr. Barrett is the Associate Head of Industrial and Automotive Design at Coventry University in England and has collaborated with a diverse, wide range of companies and institutions, including automobile

manufacturers Ford, Nissan, SAIC and Bentley, the British National Health Service (NHS), Electrolux, Xerox, Hitachi and Herman Miller. In 2005 he was elected as a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for his contribution to design research.


At the event, Dr. Barrett showed some of the great car designs around the world at the moment and some graduation works designed by his students. Dr. Barrett emphasized that design is closely linked with human life and all the creations aim at improving working efficiency, meeting the needs of the society and living up to the customers’ expectations. What’s more, a succession of auto parts, models and industry diagrams that Dr. Barrett showed revealed the future development trend of the automotive industry. Students had a good immersion in the world of machinery and enjoyed the perfect conjunction between gears with considerable enthusiasm and enjoyment.


During the Q&A session, Dr. Barrett thoroughly discussed several questions through interaction with the audience, including something about F1, the current situation and future of the China automotive industry, car design and sales, and enthusiasm and career planning for the automotive

industry. In addition, he also gave students a thorough introduction and insight into the automotive industry around the world, and industrial and

vehicle designs - related education available in the UK, as well as providing some top tips to those considering the best way into the industry.