Art is Boundless–––Wan Ye Le put on a show in USST




    Recently, Japan’s Wan Ye Le music play put on a show in USST in theater of Students Development Center. Mr. Zhoupeng yu, Director of

Shanghai Modern Service Industry Association, Mr. Quanyutai, General Consul of Japan in Shanghai, and USST Vice President Prof. Chen Bin watched the show. There were also audiences from Shanghai-based Japanese institutions, the representatives of Japan’s companies, teachers and students from USST.

   The music drama, which means “drama full of happiness” was explored and made a revival as an art form by the deceased artist Nomura Mr. Wan Zhicheng. The Wan Ye Le music play showed us the close contact between China, Japan and Korea. It was performed by art, drama and dancing and shows the nostalgia for Asian culture unified era. The actor Keiko Matsuzaka, Nozawa Cong acts the famous role of the play. They show us a moving story in forms of antiphonal singing. The Japanese Cryogen Nomura Mr. Wan Cang performances the role of Japan's oldest arts "Tripled Minds”. According to a small amount of information retained, the show is extremely grand. After the show, actors performed a traditional Japanese game in which men and women standing face to face pulling each other’s hand and singing songs,

which gives audience a deep understanding of Japan’s culture and life.

    This is a culture tour. One thousand years ago, Chinese culture was brought to Japan and experienced a local culture exchange between Korea and Japan in the following time, which finally formed the unique Japanese culture. These artists created the play with local citizens with high respect to the culture and history and showed their best wishes to the future of the two countries. Teachers and students in USST enjoyed a feast of art.

The introduction of main actors:

Keiko Matsuzaka, born in Tokyo, former Sunflower troupe actor and had played numerous Japanese drama and movies.