Feeling Korea — Culture Tour in Chonbuk National University





  At the invitation of Chonbuk National University, five students from USST participated in the winter culture tour organized by Korean Chonbuk National Universities from Feb.12th to 25th 2013.

Fifty students participated in this winter culture tour, respectively coming from universities and colleges like University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Renmin University of China, Communication University of  China, Taiwan`s National University of Science and Technology, National Chung Hsing University and  Japan's Chiba University, Hokkaido University. GIM INSU. Teachers from International Affairs Office of Chonbuk National University and five volunteers organized the whole cultural program and gave them meticulous care.

Activities during the ten days can be divided into three parts: the first is elementary Korean language course helpful for daily life, the second is traditional Korean culture experience activities such as cooking the rice wine, visiting state museum, making Korean chili source, learning to do Quanzhou rice, making folding fan card printing; the third is free extra-course activities, for example, holding party, trying authentic barbecue in the streets and alleys etc, making students` after class life colorful. Through these activities, exchange students not only became friends, but also established a profound friendship with Korean volunteers and students.

In the graduation ceremony, principal of Chonbuk National University awarded exchange students the certificate. And the video made by Chonbuk National University recording the program touched everyone presented, many students are tearfully embraced and not willing to leave. USST students said they experienced and learned great from this culture tour.