The Orientation Course Day for the exchange students




  On February 28, 2013, the international affairs office of USST arranged an Orientation Course Day for the exchange students and the new students of 2013 spring semester came to Jungong campus and spend a nice day. Under the help of Ellen Liang, the coordinator of International Affair Office, many students have removed the puzzling problem such as course selection, accommodation, public transportation and prepared their courses learning. All the exchange students have spent a good time on that day.


At 10:00 A.M, the exchange students students gathered together in front of the statue of the chairman Mao in the North Campus of USST and knew each other in a short time. Then, the students visited the German Exchange Culture Center and Ellen Liang gave the gift to each student. Meanwhile, the students are very happy to received their own campus card. Ellen Liang answered the questions concerning the course selection, the accommodation and so on.  


At 12:00, all the students enjoyed the Lunch Buffet in the First Cafeteria of the North Campus, the delicious food and the well-prepared arrangement got the favorable reception of the students.After lunch and a short break, the volunteers showed them around the whole campus and introduced the classroom building, the Gymnasium, the school hospital, the banks and so on. All the students had a further learning about USST and promoted the exchange between USST and other Universities.