Smart Talk with Dream Lab Judges---- Art and Design: Beyond Language Barrier





    A “Smart Talk with Dream Lab Judges” presentation was held at USST recently. This activity was arranged by USST’s British Cultural Centre with the Cultural and Education Section of the British Consulate-General and the event was organized by the USST College of Communication and Art Design of USST.

   Three leading specialists in art design from the UK, Michael Johnson, Anthony Dunney and Donna Loveda delivered speeches that clearly elaborated the emerging trends in international graphic design including Avant-garde art design theories and illustrated vividly the creative design process demonstrations of their original works.

   During the last part of the activity, the experts happily responded in a Question and Answer session dealing with such questions as “What are the necessary steps to arrange an exhibition and how to attract investment in a world-class exhibition”) from eager USST students and staff from the College of Communication and Art Design of USST. The experts responded with knowledge, wit and humor and were most impressed with the questions and comments from the audience. The session ended with a standing ovation for a wonderful set of presentations.