Japan Cultural Center held the lecture of Pottery Culture and Appreciation




  The lecture of pottery culture and appreciation was held on the afternoon of August 4th in Japan cultural center. Mr. Shao Yang, the head of YiTian Wu, gave the lecture about Japanese pottery for students.



During the lecture, Mr. Shao showed us the potteries with distinctive styles and for different uses. Starting with the origins of pottery, Mr. Shao explained the craftsmanship and styles of potteries in different ages. The ancients kept improving the process in the long history. Gradually, some unique characteristics of Japanese style were formed. Some of them were inherited till now. The potteries are indispensable in Cahdo nowadays. Moreover, the potteries possess both practicality and artistry now.



Everyone in the lecture had the opportunity of observing all kinds of potteries at a close distance and experiencing the charm of potteries. Besides, the audiences in the lecture communicated with Mr. Shao about pottery.